// Fat-Rat.com - Welcome to my classy website...

// fatrat (site admin) -- fatrat@fat-rat.com -- contact for questions and stuff

#ifndef FAT_RAT_H
#define FAT_RAT_H

class Fat_Rat : public Rodent()
     char *site_history;

     // Constructor
     Fat_Rat(unsigned int weight);

     // Destructor - free up resources used

     // Member functions, etc.
     // Procedures for making fancy sustinence
     unsigned int recipes();

     // Related and/or fun objects on the internet
     float links();
     void CGI_toys();

     // Additional support for BeOS functionality
     double BeOS_stuff();

     // Minimal aux support for SGI IRIX functionality
     double IRIX_stuff();

     // Depreciated, included for backward compatibility
     void ONO(); // Silly Comic
     void Cows(); // "of #MIPS4"