Fatrat's IRIX Coding Projects

Well, here are some of my programming endeavors for IRIX. I'm really into games, especially puzzle games, so expect to find programs of that nature here. My job has been keeping me fairly occupied lately and I have a list of my own projects I want to complete someday, but I'm always open to suggestions for cool future projects.

The work I did on the PC with Dungeon Dweller Design can be found on the Dungeon Dwellers Projects page. I went under the handle "Aqualung" back then. Ah, the good old days in the demo scene on the PC...

Keep in mind, the programs below are my own creations and are provided AS-IS. I cannot be held liable for any problems, lost data, damaged equipment, etc. resulting for the use, abuse or mis-use of the programs provided here. Use at your own risk! Futhermore, I am not formally supporting these programs, nor does SGI support them. If you find a bug or problem, please do email me and let me know about it; I'll fix it if I can, but no guarantees. Please do not re-sell or include the programs below on a CD or other distribution media without prior consent from the author. You are free to copy and share the programs provided here, but please do not modify them.

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Absolute Zero is a version of a simple puzzle game I ran into on the Atari ST some time ago.

Programmed in C with Xt/Motif.

az.tar.gz - 7115 bytes

Ratclock is... well... a clock I made, but I had to do the artwork for it myself; I'm not an artist ;) If anyone wants to draw a cute rat to put here instead of the atrocity I scribbled, please pass it along. I have code to do a digital readout on the bottom, but no good-looking images of numbers to use.

Programmed in C with Xt/Motif.

ratclock.gz - 6773 bytes

Common questions...

How do I install these applications?

You need to uncompress these programs in two steps. First, you will need to use a program called gunzip to decompress them:

% gunzip appname.tar.gz

This will decompress the file and automatically remove the .gz file, leaving you with just the appname.tar archive file. To decompress this archive, use a program called tar. This step will also create any directories that the program needs.

% tar -xf appname.tar

Now you should have the binary for the program, along with a README file and any other files or directories that were included with the program. Have fun!

Will these programs work on my PC/MAC/NON-SGI-UNIX machine?

The binary distributions here will only run on an SGI machine with a MIPS CPU (R4000 or better), running IRIX and Xwindows. If you have an SGI to run the application on, and an Xwindows (and in some cases OpenGL) capable PC, MAC, or UNIX station, you can remotely display the application, but there will of course be a loss of performance.

Why don't you include the source code for these applications?

I have a preference not to distribute source code for my applications. Just distributing installable binaries makes for simple use and administration.

Where do I report problems or bugs?

Problems, bugs, etc. can be reported to me at fatrat@fat-rat.com. Please remember these applications are not supported by SGI or myself officially. I will fix bugs where time permits. Please be sure to tell me what kind of machine you are running the application on, any error messages you see, and any other relevant information.

I have an older SGI machine, and the application won't run; why?

These applications are compiled with the MIPS-2 ISA, and require a machine with a R4000 or better CPU; if you have a CPU that is pre- R4000, the applications won't run, and will report an error message to the effect of "program not supported by architecture." You can check what CPU you have on your machine with this command:

% hinv | grep CPU

Another likely problem is that you are not running IRIX 6.2 or later. I have compiled these applications to run on IRIX 6.2 or later, if you try to run then on IRIX 6.1, 5.3, 5.2, 4.0.5, etc., they may or may not work. You can check what version of IRIX you are running with this command:

% uname -a

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